Our Story

Bubba's story began 10 years ago on the coast of California in San Diego. For the past decade, and for decades to come, our adventure lies in bringing you innovative tools for your success on the water. We love the water just as much as you do. What we love most is being a part of your journey. We want to rally around you as you embark on your next adventure in chasing that dream fish. We believe your stories are life's greatest moments and we're here to help you tell them.


Life begins on the edge of adventure. Live the ultimate lifestyle.




2009 Inception
2011 Early Days
2012 Birth of an Icon
2014 New Territory
2015 Expansion
2016 Jaws
2017 New Family
2019 Fresh Look

Bubba Blade is born on the docks of San Diego, California, where the inception of the most iconic fillet knife began.

Bubba Blade launched its first red handled fillet knife with the 9" Stiffie and 9" Flex which ultimately began the fillet knife revolution.

After much success with the 9" Stiffie and 9" Flex knives, Bubba Blade introduced their most iconic and best selling fillet knife on the market with the 7" Tapered Flex.

Bubba Blade takes their knives worldwide to begin selling in Australia, Canada, Belize, Panama and Trinidad.

Bubba Blade expands its distribution through key partners and independent dealers making Bubba Blade the most widely recognized fishing fillet knife brand in the US.

Bubba Blade expands its innovativeness and superior design into new fishing categories by introducing the Bubba Blade 7.5" Fishing Pliers.

Bubba Blade joins the American Outdoors Brands Family to continue the success of bringing innovative fishing products to the world.

We recently dropped the "blade" and have rebranded as Bubba. In addition to a fresh new look we have some exciting announcements and new products around the corner in 2019 so be sure to stay tuned.