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Add your name to re-elect Lauren “Bubba”  McDonald!

Add your name to re-elect
Bubba McDonald!

Add your name to re-elect Bubba McDonald!

Public Service Commissioner

Low Rates. Renewable Energy. Clean Air.

“I am running for a final term as Public Service Commissioner because progress is moving rapidly to complete what we started in Georgia’s solar and nuclear energy initiatives. As the person best equipped to make that happen, I will leverage my knowledge, relationships and experience to accurately conduct prudency reviews and keep expenses off the rate-payers.”  — Bubba McDonald

Throughout his role in public service, Bubba McDonald has developed a deep knowledge of the energy industry, building invaluable relationships and resources that inform decisions on the commission. He is currently a member of the Electric Committee of the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners and serves as an executive member of the Nuclear Waste Strategy Coalition. He has previously served on multiple boards and committees and continues to be involved in the community.

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