Bubba McDonald’s approach as Public Service Commissioner is direct and personal. He is loyal first and upfront with his position. Because of this, businesses and legislative leaders alike know exactly what’s coming and they are better positioned to navigate the challenges they face in keeping Georgia’s economy stable. As a result, economic development remains attractive in our state, contributing to Georgia’s position as the best state to do business.

Low Rates

McDonald’s priority has always been to protect the rate payers, keep the regulated companies in check and maintain low energy costs in Georgia. As a result, our power rate is 16% lower than the national average. McDonald has the fortitude and independence to keep the players in the game, at the table and hold them responsible to protect Georgia citizens.

Renewable Energy

During his time on the Commission, McDonald has presided over the advent of solar power in Georgia. His tireless work has resulted in Georgia becoming one of the top five fastest growing states in the nation for solar energy. He has accomplished this through a conservative and thoughtful free-market approach without putting upward pressure on rates and without state- sponsored financial incentives.

In 2013, Georgia had virtually no solar power on the grid. McDonald was able to garner support to add 525 megawatts of solar energy to the portfolio of the state’s investor-owned utility. Currently, utility companies are erecting solar power facilities that will provide a total of 4,610 megawatts of solar energy by 2022. This has created economic development opportunities in counties that are in great need of jobs and opportunities for local citizens. He has also supported the construction of solar facilities at six of Georgia’s military bases, contributing to national security and helping to protect the bases from future base closure proposals. McDonald has often stated that, “nuclear energy is the best friend to solar energy.” He has been the champion of nuclear energy development in our state for both economic development and long-term energy solutions. Vogtle plants 3 and 4 are set to produce clean and efficient energy in Georgia over the next 80 years, whether the sun is shining or not.

Clean Air

Despite the talking points of the liberal agenda, Georgia has achieved some of the cleanest air in the nation through conservative principles and conservative leadership. McDonald is proud of the path that he has taken with the Integrated Resource Plan for Georgia Power, combining the megawatts of nuclear energy, decommissioning out-of-date coal facilities and nearly doubling solar power in the state. Georgia is set to have the cleanest air of any state in the country.